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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brother Oliver


Brother Oliver has been on a tear. In the last four years, they have released three albums, tirelessly toured the southeast, and been the feature of countless press articles. Despite this traction, chances are high that you haven’t learned everything about this band of brothers. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Brother Oliver.

  1. Before making music videos, they made skate videos.

One of their slam videos was used in MTV’s “Ridiculousness” in 2012.


  1. Andrew has produced undercover music.

He attended a private school that outlawed rock music and headphones. Andrew still made music there while running the risk of punishment or expulsion.


  1. They are developing a secret, sushi-themed, electronic music side project.

They are putting out a side project called Nigiri Fury. “It’s electronic music with a foreign sound, and all the track names have something to do with sushi.” Stephen’s dream is to someday play a two hour Brother Oliver show and then come back up for the afterparty as Nigiri Fury and play a two hour electronic set.


  1. They both handle food like a boss.

Andrew, the band’s guitarist and singer, has 4 years of experience as a sushi chef. Stephen, who plays the electric mandolin, has a deep relationship with pizza.  “I managed a pizza place for years, and loved it, and that’s why they call me Mozzarella Steve” – Mozzarella Steve.


  1. Andrew actually made and ate the cigarette sushi in their album artwork for “I Rely On Everything.”



Posted by Brother Oliver on Sunday, February 12, 2017



  1. They are paying less for studio time than you.

Their album was recorded mostly in a $400 per month, two bedroom duplex in Mauldin, SC. One room housed Stephen, the other contained the Forthright Records studio, which is a separate entity run by the band that acts as their label and allows them to be self-produced. Someday they envision the band being at a point where they can expand the Forthright label to produce other music.


  1. Their musical foundation isn’t stringed. Before Brother Oliver existed, the brothers were in a 3-piece folk band called “Kindred Fellow.”



But even before that, they got their start on a pair of all-metal instruments: Stephen on the saxophone and Andrew on the trumpet.


  1. Their logo came in a vision (Andrew identifies as a mouse).

The coiled snake facing off against a sword-bearing mouse came straight from Andrew’s imagination. From an aerial viewpoint, he watched as the mouse warrior bravely faces off with the snake in a seemingly unwinnable battle, distracting the snake while a horde of fellow mice cross the field safely behind him. Said Andrew about identifying with the mouse warrior, “Our big thing is pushing against mental barriers, fighting the status quo, asking more questions, and living more consciously with more understanding. The music, though cryptic, is often anti-establishment with a positive take. If you don’t break away from mainstream thinking, then you’re not going to have a true spiritual thought at any point. I try to make songs that stand up against many widely accepted thoughts.”


  1. Stephen would last longer in a zombie apocalypse.

When asked about this hypothetical, but inevitable scenario, the final conclusion was that Andrew would die first, but only by giving his own life defending Steven’s mistakes. “So yeah, I’m dead immediately. I’m already a zombie.”


  1. The drummer is not the father.

It isn’t clear if it is the mustache, or his venerable ‘dad bod’ physique, but Andrew and Stephen get comments all the time about the band’s drummer being their father, some joking and some genuinely inquisitive. Let the record be set straight here and now, Devin Taylor fathered neither Andrew nor Stephen.


Now that you know everything about Brother Oliver, check out their latest self-titled album, and watch their facebook, instagram, and website for upcoming show dates.



This article was submitted by Dan Johnson from Greer, SC. Dan’s a jack of most trades and master of fewer. His 8 – 5 job involves business networking and sales. On the side, he does woodworking. He also plays guitar and bass, sings in a local alternative blues rock band, and performs at his church. His favorite live music experience so far was front row seats for Eric Clapton in 2012.

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