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An Interview with Luthi

LUTHI is more than just a band. With nine members on stage at once, LUTHI is a spectacle. With one uniting mantra, “Keep it Weird”, LUTHI has been keeping things funky and making people dance since 2009. Since then the group has gained a dedicated following of fans through consistent touring and memorable live performances. Christian Luthi, lead singer, took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about what makes LUTHI so unique

JB – Thanks for y’alls time, tell me a little bit about how LUTHI came to be? 

LUTHI – Nahhh. Thanks for your time. Parts of this crew have known each other for almost a decade. First and foremost we were family. Then we realized what everyone was capable of.  Everyone brings something different to the table and so the music evolves as we evolve.

JB – “Boogie Circus” is the most fitting phrase I’ve heard to describe y’alls sound (although Cumberland Funk is a close second), how did y’all earn such a unique description?  

LUTHI – We have quite the squad of comedians. Cumberland Funk states our origin as well as our genre so it just kinda made sense. Boogie Circus is a true description of everything that happens on and off stage as well as in between.  It’s a traveling ensemble that’s doing our best to boogie down along the way.

JB – Y’all are known for electrifying live performances, what has been the most memorable one so far? 

LUTHI – The Tabernacle in Atlanta was something special. Some of us grew up knowing the spot while others had no idea what to expect.  Songs hit hard in that room and friends and family from everywhere came out and got down. We’ll never forget it. Can’t wait to be back.

JB – What was the inspiration behind the simple yet oddly entrancing video for the single “Every Body”?

LUTHI – The main thought was — Don’t pass judgement too quickly.  If you toss on a shirt and put yourself in an awkward scene… take time to observe while being observed.  People say it helps to picture everyone in a room naked when you’re nervous, well it’s kinda like that. Underneath, your body’s bare.

JB – Y’all have an impressively wide range of sounds, who would you say are some inspirations for LUTHI?

LUTHI – We have a bit of everything for everyone. Classical to pop to hip-hop to afro-cuban to funk to disco vibes.  Our inspirations are just what we grew up on.  To paint every influence might paint us into a corner.  We would say that each players’ inspirations work together to create a love child of past and present.

JB – What does the future hold for LUTHI? 

LUTHI – We have been in the studio recently tracking live and are excited to be releasing new material in early spring of 2019.  We haven’t stopped writing and will be introducing these new songs over the next few months.  There are various festivals and other dates coming at you very soon!! Stay tuned.

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