The South Carolina Music Guide

Author : Angie Dorin


Beach Sex Offers More Treats Than Tricks

Angie Dorin
When Google searching the words “beach sex,” you could accidently click on something that might get you invited to be on NBC’s “Dateline.”  Luckily, I found...
Out of Bounds

Synth Pop Siren, Tristen, Starts Sneaker Waves Tour In Charleston, SC

Angie Dorin
Tristen Gaspadarek worships Kate Bush (as well she should), thinks autotune is not a good idea and is celebrating the release of her new album...
Album Reviews

The Francis Vertigo – “Reception”

Angie Dorin
If you describe your sound as “baroque lounge twang for the soul,” you’d better deliver, right?  The Francis Vertigo don’t disappoint, especially with their most...