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Behind the Sun – “Post Solis”

EPs are short by nature, but their abbreviated length is often a sticking point. Listeners find themselves surrounded by silence a few tracks in, the release ending just as the momentum takes hold.

This isn’t the case with Clemson band Behind the Sun and their debut EP, Post Solis. In fact, the opening track, “The Fall,” clocks in at nearly nine minutes and quickly introduces the compositional dexterity that these progressive metallers have cultivated since emerging a few short years ago. Recorded in Winston Salem with Jamie King at his The Basement studios, the five tracks run the gamut from the defiantly thrashy to texturally exotic, often within the same composition. Such is the case of the aforementioned opener, with its scrappy opening that quickly morphs, introducing the band’s shapeshifting propensity, complete with a tasteful Latin-flavored middle section and an aggressive chug that churns throughout. Similarly, the album closing “Laniakea” services as an epic bookend, further illustrating the tightly wound, intricately woven orchestration that imbues Behind the Sun’s sound.

While Post Solis’ five tracks are strong throughout, they aren’t perfect. Behind the Sun suffer due to similarities in style and delivery to others of their same ilk. They clearly hold Charlotte, North Carolina’s Between the Buried and Me in high regard, and this is heard in the commanding vocals and the airy, soaring guitar leads. While this admiration makes sense, the likeness between the two can feel a little too prominent, even on the EP’s defining tracks. All told, this is a small blemish on an otherwise impressive introduction from these upstarts.

Behind the Sun are guilty of many things, but delivering short on the promise of Post Solis isn’t one of them. There’s little fat in this song set, yet there is plenty to gnaw on within each of the five tracks. By the time the final notes ring out from the stereo after a thoroughly satisfying, 30-minute lashing, there is no doubt that this EP is long enough. The more relevant question is where such a talented group of players will take their sound when given more tape (digital or otherwise) to fill.

Post Solis is self-released and out now. Buy it here!


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