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Brent Lundy – Made to Fall CD Release Party

On Feb. 14th, we headed over to New Brookland Tavern to check out the CD release party for Brent Lundy’s latest effort, Made to Fall.  Knowing I was going to do a write up on the concert, it got me thinking about the Columbia music scene the first time I saw Brent in a band.

This story goes back 22 years, now that I think about it.  I was in the Columbia Mall my senior year of high school and headed over to the music store to pick up Uncle Anesthesia by Screaming Trees. When I put the cassette on the counter, Paul, the guy working behind the counter looked at me and said “wow, nice choice.” This started a pretty nerdy musical discussion about our favorite bands; I explained my obsession with The Replacements and pop-punk gods, The Descendents/All. This went on for a little bit as he and I discussed being bands. “Paul” was Paul Rucker who was the bass player for a band called God’s Comics. He invited me to come check them out at Rockafella’s the next weekend and I did. That was my introduction to a guy that’s been serving his city well for 3 decades now, Brent Lundy.

Strangely enough two years later, while recording at The Jam Room, we decided to use a new engineer named Greg Davis. After getting to know him, he said he was the new bass player for God’s Comics. “What a small town this really is, I thought”. As a side note, the assistant engineer on that recording was no other than WXRY’s present co-host with Brent, Randy Borawski. If you don’t know Randy, head over to the British Bulldog Pub on Sunday evenings where he and Brent host Unsigned for WXRY. He’ll be hard to find, being he is all of five foot five.  All kidding aside, he is very passionate about local music and a great resource.

Brent has been a staple of the Columbia music scene since his time with God’s Comics, then onto his most prolific time with The Ultraviolets.  Now he’s performing under the name Lundy, and told us for this new record he stripped down his sound and went more acoustic based. For those of us who ventured out to NBT Valentine’s night, we were given a free copy of Made to Fall and treated to a night of classic Brent.

Brent informed me that the show started at 10:00, so I arrived at 9:30 and walked in to Jeremy Sakovich of Postcard Fiction playing his last song.  Thanks Brent.  Aside from that I have to say the show was great. Even after all the years of playing live, Brent is still energetic and enthusiastic doing what he does. The crowd was responsive and the songs were great.  As I looked around it took me back to the Rockafella’s day for a little while. Kevin Oliver was there, Randy Borawski, ex members of God’s Comics, members of The Root Doctors and other mainstays of SC music culture.  The room had the air of nostalgia. Brent still played every song  with enthusiasm and was engaged, still loving what he’s doing. Though youthful in his delivery, the songs were mature, thoughtful and introspective.

Not saying this as a farewell.  Instead, a thanks to Brent for doing what you do and we look forward to 20 more years.

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