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Brian Roessler – Damn the Consequence


Brian Roessler takes us back to a simpler time, when just a man and his guitar can speak volumes, with his EP Damn the Consequence. This is a passion project that is a stepping stone to, hopefully, a fourth full time album that will be released soon. Brian follows a rich tradition of singer songwriters which brings us a roller coaster of heartfelt emotions. This EP is a lyrical tale and it’s hard to tell what more breathtaking – the sweet simple guitar harmonies or the vividly emotional words.

There is a very familiar sound here. I believe that it comes from the fact that this album tackles common trial and tribulations that everyone can relate to at some point in their own life. As I said before it is only an EP which suits this selection perfectly because stylistically, even though I love every track, each track is very similar to each other as far as folk style goes. That doesn’t mean that each track doesn’t offer its own unique story and emotional presence. What I’m saying is that it is all folksy and if you want extreme variations in your soundscape, you will not get it here; and that is what I love about Damn the Consequence. I love great lyrics with a folk style that makes you feel like you connected personally with the artist. Brian’s skill as a lyricist is quite breathtaking. He really creates some vivid imagery and overall could be considered great poetry if it was not accompanied with music; that’s a difficult thing to accomplish nowadays. If you aren’t paying much attention when you listen it is easy to miss the artistry in the guitar playing. Yes, it is a very traditional acoustic guitar feel but his tone, timber and performance shows years of craftsmanship at work.

With a downhome, easy listening vibe that you can snuggle up and relax to, Damn the Consequence is a solid EP. I highly recommend it and I hope it will hold me over until the release of Brian’s next album which I will definitely be listening to. If you enjoy the sounds of other musicians like Colin Hay, Neil Finn and Gregory Alan Isakov or just lovely works with voice and guitar this is for you.

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