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Cowboy Mouth Slays the Windjammer For Annual Show

The Windjammer in Isle of Palms is hosting its’ annual Cowboy Mouth weekend shows tomorrow and Saturday night. The band has been coming to Charleston for years and consistently sells out shows every time. Fred LeBlanc, the highly energetic force behind the group, told us that this year will be even more special as they celebrate a new album, “The Name of the Band Is, Vol 2”.

The last time I spoke with the somewhat eccentric but always friendly drummer, he and I bonded over some familiar pains in our life. Love, life and loss had touched each of us deeply, and we discussed the future of Cowboy Mouth. At the time, Fred said he didn’t see much in the way of new music coming. He was happy where they were, and they have continued to bring in their fans with their vibrant shows.

All of that has changed, as their new album contains songs of love, hope, and even a new jazzy single that has been winning awards in New Orleans, where LeBlanc is from. “The song, Bad, has gone straight to number one here locally,” Fred told us. Listening to it, it’s deviates from what we are used to hearing from CM but holds its own with a swing feel to it combined with a hell of a lot of freedom. “I’m in a new place in my life these days,” said LeBlanc. “I’m seeing someone new, and we are very happy.” It definitely shows in their latest album, and his vocalizations in “Belly” clearly show an appreciation for curvy girls everywhere.

(I must confess, I have a total fascination
With everything about the way you are
And while I pray my lust won’t be an irritation
Please, stop me if I’ve gone a little far)
Your body is a prison, (I shall not be redeemed)
So shapely and curvacious, (I’m busting at the seems)
Your momma and your daddy (say that I’m obscene)
But the only thing that makes me scream
I love your belly

Come out to your favorite beach bar in Charleston at The Windjammer and witness this evolving artist entertain with new music, and be sure to pick up a copy of the latest album on the way out. Tickets are just $20. The show begins at 9pm.

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