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Dave Britt – Burning in the Afterglow

Have you ever experienced that fantastic feeling of driving in a convertible?  You know…the top is down, there is a warm smell of summer, and that late afternoon sun is slowly setting in the rear-view mirror.  Got the picture?  Good.  If so, then Dave Britt’s latest release, Burning in the Afterglow, may be a good comparison to that same emotion.  Maybe it’s the title of the album, or the main track, “West Coast”, but whatever the reason, this album provokes a subliminally carefree and spirited lifestyle that has been structured in the form of music.

Wonderfully crafted with layered production quality, this album sparkles with subtle nuances of studio creativity and cavernous reverb.  A musical fixture in Columbia and around South Carolina, Dave’s last release, Waiting on a Brighter Sun, was turned out in January 2015.  While a solid record, Dave’s latest release takes his songwriting and production abilities to a higher level.  Filled with catchy tracks, such as “Is This Living?” and “Riding High Again”, the album delivers in a way that will keep you from skipping to the next track until the one you are on is complete.

Influentially speaking, the album as a whole captures artistic traces from the likes of Jamie Cullum and Jason Mraz.  Moreover, due to the ever-present dreamlike reverb, one can also pick up on alternative 80s throwback sounds from bands such as the Church and Echo & the Bunnymen.

All in all, Burning in the Afterglow is a solid effort from Dave Britt.  He has obviously taken his time and pored over the minute details in order to deliver a strong quality record.  And for that, I kind of feel sorry for Dave.  Given this current release, I am sure he may be wondering how in the hell he plans to take it up a notch whenever he releases his next album.  Well, whatever happens, good luck, Dave!  We’re pulling for you!

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