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Drivin’ N Cryin’ – Always a Good Time

Experiencing a Drivin’ N Cryin’ show is like trying to capture lightning in a bottle…the magic just can’t be contained.  Explosive, raw and energetic, these veterans have been rocking non-stop since the mid-80’s.  Hailing originally from Atlanta, the same hometown as DNC, I have had the great fortune over the years to witness some amazing shows since I became a fan way back when they were playing in clubs like “688“ and “The Cotton Club”.  What I have always loved about this band is their engaged spirit with the audience.  Going to a show after all these years as a fan is like donning a comfortable pair of shoes…familiar, dependable, and it just makes you feel good.

Drivin’ N Cryin” recently stopped into the Pour House in Charleston on March 1st and if you have not visited the Pour House, I highly suggest you give it a try soon.  They have a great deck on the back part of the establishment, and shows inside the main house are intimate and relaxed.  Alex and Vanessa Harris have done a great job over the last ten years, and I certainly plan on a trip back as soon as another great band gives me an excuse.

Everytime DNC performs, the audience members are kept just a bit off kilter, never knowing what to expect.  Sure, they play their standard favorites, but along the way Kevn and the guys tend to weave various surprises in to keep things fresh and exciting.  This evening was no exception.

Starting things off was Jeff Mosier, or to his fans, “Reverend Jeff  Mosier“.  If you have not seen Jeff play do yourself a favor and attend one of his performances.  In addition to his prolific talents on the banjo he is a sweet soul of a human being.  He has played with just about every known musician under the sun and his time with Colonel Bruce Hampton (Ret.) is considered legendary.  Following up Jeff’s performance were the Harris Brothers.  These two fellas are from Lenoir, NC and play just good down home blues with nudges of country and folk.  Besides their writing talents, Reggie is one of the best dang flat-pickers I think I have ever seen.

The rest of the evening belonged to Drivin’ N Cryin’.  With South Carolina raised Sadler Vaden on lead guitar the guys did not waste any time getting their point across to the audience.  As I mentioned above, they did stay true to crowd favorites such as “Honey Suckle Blue” and “Going Straight to Hell“.  However they also invited the other performers up onstage with them at various intervals during the performance to collaborate and spin some new magic.  You see, this is why DNC is so great.  The have such a strong passion for music they realize the talented company they keep can only make their own live experience sound that much better.  This is why nothing compares to seeing live music…because the truly great ones have figured out a way to keep it fun.  Yeah sure, it’s hard work night after night.  But when you’re up onstage and the rest of the band is right in the pocket along with you, that is a feeling that is pretty hard to beat.  Just ask the guys in Drivin’ N’ Cryin’.

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