The South Carolina Music Guide

Our Favorite South Carolina Music from 2015

There is always a seemingly endless supply of new music grown right here in the Palmetto State. To someone who obsesses over new sounds, the heightened surge of creativity in our state can be daunting to keep up with. Trying to stay on task is part of the fun, though. I had the pleasure of checking out over 500 new albums this year, around 50 of which were from our fair state. We were going to list our favorite 10 and then decided there were too many great releases this year to stop there. So here are our top 20, with a few honorable acknowledgments at the end. From expertly constructed indie rock and post hardcore to soul balladeering, super groups focused on chaotic metal, perfectly modern electronic artists, exquisite retro southern rock, every kind of shoegaze possible, rap, hardcore and a couple of amazing compilations featuring pretty much all of the above and more, we have got it all. Here’s looking forward to 2016, y’all.

– Sean Knight


1.       Ivadell – Maybe Tomorrow


2.      Alarm Drum – Colorsick EP


3.     Atlas Road Crew – Halfway to Hopkins


4.     SC Flood Relief – (Various Artists)


5.      Wounded Tongue – Our Children’s Throats

wounded tongue

6.      Burnt Books – Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

burnt books

7.      A Fragile Tomorrow – Make Me Over


8.     Human Resources – En Route

human resources

 9.    Marrow of Earth – Lethe EP


 10.   Fk Mt – Fertilizer EP


11.     Nathan Angelo – Carolina

nathan angelo

12.     Dreiberg – Here for the After


13.     Small Sanctions – Para East EP

small sanctions

14.      Lefty at the Washout – That Just Happened


15.      Tweito – The Great Story


16.      Deleveled: self-titled


17.      Scene SC 2015 Sampler – (Various Artists)

scenesc sampler

18.      Clockwork 7 – The Definition of 7


19.       Dave Britt – Waiting for a Brighter Sun

dave britt

20.      Youth Model – Open Season


Here are a few more that definitely deserve accolade and praise:

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