• Thursday , 13 December 2018

Frederick the Younger: An Interview with Jenni Cochran

The name evokes the inevitable question…which one is Frederick? Well, neither member of the band is Frederick, but Jenni Cochran and Aaron Craker make up a band with a classic sound and a bright future. Jenni took some time out of her schedule to answer a few questions about the band’s name, the vintage sound, and what the future holds for this up and coming group from Louisville, Kentucky.

JB – What is the inspiration behind the moniker ‘Frederick the Younger’?

FTY – We liked the idea of having a name that people could create a character around. And we wanted a name that had a little bit of a mystery to it. I liked the duality of “Frederick” which is an older, masculine name with “Younger,” which is lighthearted, carefree. Kind of a yin/yang situation.

JB –  “Vintage Groove Pop” is the genre y’all classify yourselves under, care to elaborate on that a bit for those who haven’t indulged in your music?

FTY – I’ve always had a hard time with genre. It’s hard to classify yourself as one thing. When we first put out music a lot of people called us “psychedelic rock,” which to me never seemed to totally fit. We finally just started saying “vintage groove pop” because it hit on the things that seem pretty consistent with us – a little bit of a throw back 60/70s sound, groovy rhythm section and pop melodies.

JB – What drew you to music and how did you come to join Aaron and form Frederick the Younger?

FTY – I’ve always loved music and grew up writing songs. Aaron was the same way. I moved to Louisville in 2011 and met Aaron not long after. I saw his band Dr. Vitamin play and asked if I could join – I loved his music. We played as Dr. Vitamin for about three years and then formed Frederick the Younger.

JB – What other musicians would you say inspire you?

FTY – So many! Nina Simone, David Bowie, The Beatles, Prince, Elliott Smith, Mitski, Angel Olsen, Big Thief, Sharon Van Etten, Dr. Dog…the list goes on.

JB – As a female fronted group, do you think you face a steeper uphill climb than your male counterparts when it comes to making an impact in the music industry?

FTY – Honestly I don’t think there has ever been a better time to be a female musician. The ladies are killing it! I’ve always found people to be very receptive to female fronted bands.

JB – What can you tell me about the new EP and what sets it apart from your last album “Human Child”?

FTY – I think the songs are more personal, emotive and a little more “vibey”. I feel close to the songs. It’s thrilling to be more vulnerable.

Frederick the Younger will be playing at The White Mule in Columbia on December 8th with Charleston bands Human Resources and Babe Club. For more information, check out their website, Frederick the Younger, or, The White Mule Facbook page.

Jacob Boland
Jacob Boland is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications. After graduation, Jacob and his girlfriend embarked on a cross country trip in their Toyota 4Runner and 13 foot Scamp camper. After 10,000 miles and 21 states they returned to South Carolina where Jacob worked for WCSC in Charleston. Jacob and his girlfriend recently relocated home to Newberry, South Carolina to begin their next big adventure, raising their baby boy Nathaniel Hawk Boland. Jacob works at Hy Hope Farms and enjoys hiking, camping, attending any and every concert he can, and watching his baby boy figure out this wide world we live in.

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