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George Fetner – Some Things We’ll Change


George Fetner, a native Columbia singer-songwriter, released his second solo album titled “Some Things We’ll Change” on March 3rd. If you are familiar with George’s first album, this one is much more programmatic in nature but that does not take away from its brilliance- if anything it intensifies it. Every track feels like it has a place and was hand crafted with painstaking emotion. In this release you will find heartache, pain, and sadness but most importantly release and acceptance. This album is meant to be experienced as a whole- each track telling a chapter in a larger story; that does not mean that each song alone isn’t great.

If this was a breakup album, it would go down in history as the first and only breakup album to give itself closure at the end. When you listen to “It Goes On”, it gracefully ends the record, almost without you noticing. What really makes the theme human to me is that the closure the ending provides is extremely realistic; No fight, no talk, no confrontation. Just a man that comes to terms with life and love.
Alone with his guitar, George creates a dream-like audible experience. Every track is an acoustic folksy style but that never gets old. The words that are spoken are what bewitches us into the music. George, in my opinion, has a great earthy sound to his voice. If Mark Coyne (the Flaming Lips), Colin Hay (Men at Work) and Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) somehow combined their voices you would get the downhome, naturally indie sound that George Fetner produces. With the elegant trifecta of a very programmatic album, perfect lyrical accompaniment and the voice to make it personal, I think this is a fantastic sophomore album. With the music being very much singer-songwriter styled it will appeal to many listeners. If you love folk music, great and unique vocals, finger plucked style guitar or just need a little pick me up after a breakup this one is for you.

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