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Get To Know – Decadence

JB: Decadence has been a major player in the Midland’s rock scene for a few years now, how did you and the rest of the band get together?

DW: Decadence today is a group of members who were once a band called Examining Emma. For one reason or another, certain members just seemed to click better as musicians. Original members of Decadence transitioned out for various reasons, when I and Ryan Wicker were asked to help keep the band moving. We later brought Ben Burris into the mix along with Will Clark. The latest addition to bring Decadence up to the band you hear today is the addition of Scott McGrady on vocals.  The reality is that musicians are people like anyone else. Priorities shift and change. This band has seen many great musicians, but the lineup today is the strongest it has ever been.

JB: Where did the name ‘Decadence’ come from?

JW: Decadence is defined as a decline in morals, or a decaying society. While the name doesn’t really hold a significant meaning to our message, the take away is that we are a hard rock band that will continue to give our all both on stage and off in terms of being successful in the music business may it be local, regional, or national.

JB: In one sentence describe your sound.

DW: Decadence is a modern hard rock band with both heavy hitting riffs and groovy melodies.

JB: Who are some of the biggest influences Decadence has, locally and on a grander scale?

DW: Locally, we are huge fans of the Buried Voices, Gruzer, Into the Depths, Honestlie, and The Izm. However, that question is tough because we genuinely enjoy every band in the Columbia, SC scene. It has grown to be more of a family atmosphere in the last few years more than I have personally seen. National acts we collectively follow include bands like Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Killswitch Engage, and many others in the modern hard rock/metal genre.

JB: What has been your favorite show y’all have played so far?

DW: With this lineup, SawFest 2017 really tops it for us right now which was about two weeks ago. Not only did each and every band bring the energy, it was almost like a family gathering opposed to a group of musicians.

JB: What can fans look forward to in the near future?

DW: In 2017, Decadence will release Rise Above which is the sophomore for this band. This record will follow up the early release of The Fall along with the single track Phase. Decadence also has several shows locally and regionally lined up well into the summer.

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