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Get To Know – Greenwing

SCMG – Who are the members of your band?
GW – Will Hauptle on Vocals/Guitar, James Frolio on Bass/Guitar, Gordon Weest on Keyboards, and Arthur IV Young on the Drums.

SCMG – What genre do you consider yourself?
GW – I call our music “Pop Funk”, it’s got bounce!

SCMG – What was your biggest accomplishment in 2017?
GW – We released our first album “Suncharm EP” on Thanksgiving Day 2017.

SCMG – What are your plans for 2018?
GW – The main goal this year is to book as many shows as possible! And to continue writing new music.

SCMG – Where and when can we find you?
GW – Our next show is on March 9th at Burns Alley from 9pm to 12 midnight. Always a feel good time.

SCMG – Who would you consider your biggest local influence?
GW – Biggest local influence is definitely Tyler Boone, his schedule is always filled in!

SCMG – What would they say about you?
GW – Our drummer plays with Tyler Boone as well, so he’d probably say “give me back my drummer!”

SCMG – Who would you like to work with but haven’t yet had the chance?
GW – We’d love to play a show with Dangermuffin. Their music is described as “sand-blasted roots rock”.

SCMG – What are your favorite albums of all time from any musician?
GW – At the top would be “Rage” by Lettuce and “Fly Like An Eagle” by the Steve Miller Band.

SCMG – If you could meet any of your favorite musicians, who would you choose and why?
GW – Lately we’ve been really inspired by Björk because her songs can be so wild; they make us want to explore!

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