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Get To Know Jazz Artist, Mahoganee

Beaufort South Carolina dweller, Mahoganee, enjoys the fact that she is a South Carolina native.  As far as she is concerned, she gets to explore her Southern roots through her complete artistry.  Mahoganee is a lover of all things vintage and along with her musical expression she also expresses her creativity through helping others develop an online presence.

SCMG:  What does being an SC artist mean to you?

Mahoganee:  I am a country girl.  A girl raised in the south.  It’s a feeling.  I can show my southern influence. There is a richness here that a lot of the world doesn’t even know about.

SCMG:  Do you remember when you fell in love with music?

Mahoganee:  When I heard, A Song for You by Donny Hathaway.  It was middle school, so I was 12 or 13 years old.

SCMG:  What turned you on about the song?

Mahoganee: His voice!  He is a composer, he went to Howard University.  It was his voice; he became my voice teacher….

SCMG:  Other than Donny Hathaway, who are your musical influences?

Mahoganee:  Minnie Ripperton, Anita Baker, Pattie Austin, James Ingram, Rick Astley, I love that old-school music.

SCMG:  Who would you love to make music with?  Who is your dream duet?

Mahoganee:  I would love to do a song with Lalah Hathaway, Donny’s daughter.

SCMG:  Who are you listening to now?

MahoganeeKhalid, I can’t remember the name of the song but I listen to that one and I like Solange, the lyrical content. A Seat at the Table, which is me right now.

SCMG:  When you look back, what would you like your legacy to be?

Mahoganee:  One of great music that had a positive impact on everyone, especially children.

SCMG:  What advice would you give to those coming behind you, words of wisdom?

Mahoganee:  Write down your vision.  It keeps you focused. I put it out in the universe.

SCMG:  What are the challenges you have faced or still face?

Mahoganee:  I’ve lived in big cities – D.C., Atlanta, and moving back home. It’s not as much opportunity. I am starting to create my own.  In the city, there’s always something….

SCMG:  Where can we find you?

Mahoganee:  Atlanta in March, Naples, Florida end of March.

SCMG:  Anything I missed?

Mahoganee:  Listen to Collard Green Crown!

Born and raised in a town outside of Summerton, SC, Mahoganee has embarked upon a life where she can use her creativity to spread her positive vibes – whether she was doing it through her graphic design business, vintage store or through music.  Mahoganee has been singing, “as far back as I can remember, I have always been singing.” She will continue to express herself through music in the foreseeable future, so that others can be inspired and feel the positivity she has to offer.  As one of her favorite singers, Donny Hathaway wrote, “I’ve been so many places in my life and time.  I’ve sung a lot of songs.” Mahoganee has done the same and has much more joy to bring to her fans.

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