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Get To Know – Joseph McGowan IV

Joseph McGowan IV is a musician based out of Charleston, SC whose upbeats songs and positive lyrics are winning awards, being used in radio and film, and are also attracting attention from around the world. McGowan’s style covers a variety of styles ranging from pop to Americana, with an ounce of country in for good measure.

When talking with Joseph McGowan, you learn a lot about his history and how he became so sought after in music. He began playing by ear when he was just 4 years old and was in formal training by 6. He says, “My mom said that as soon as I was able to talk, I was singing. I was always inherently musical. My dad is a great piano player, and my mom is classically trained (Furman). My Grandma is an opera singer. It’s in my blood. I started taking classical lessons at age 6, but I got on the piano even before that.”

Now, he has released an album called Dirt Road Revival that includes one track that really speaks about what he believes in about life. “Light” speaks volumes about how McGowan leads his life as a musician and artist. “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine. I’m going to hold it close.”  Recently, he recorded in New York City with Big Noise and created a video with dancer, Mandy Orlanddt, who did an interpretive piece for the arrangement.

Currently, Joseph is recording a new album that will be released later this year. A single, Nonstop, can be found on Instragram. The song, much like McGowan, finds itself pushing the boundaries of what you might expect coming from him. He is also a highly respected dermatologist and proud gay rights activist who can be found at Germain Dermatology. Humbly, he tells us,  “I try to blend my music and medical work. I just do skin cancer surgery. I actually triained here in 2009-2010, and that’s when I wrote my album. I was all alone here and began writing music.” Lucky for us, he has provided an exemplary sound with his albums in addition to his service to the community with his medical career.

Find his music on Reverbnation  Instagram and Spotify.


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