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Get to Know Out of Bounds Swedish Artist – Sofia Talvik

Photo by Jonas Westin

Sofia Talvik, talented solo indie folk music artist from Sweden, is touring the US and will be making two stops in South Carolina in May. Her soulful albums incorporate hauntingly beautiful lyrics with an equally exquisite voice of an angel that will make you pause and rewind to hear it again. Her career has taken her around the world with performances across Europe and the United States, with her reaching her goal of hitting her 46th state in Vermont. Read below to find out what she has to say about her experiences in the US and her latest album released in 2015, Big Sky Country, that was based on her travels around our beautiful country.

Her shows in SC are at Awendaw Green on May 17th (6-10pm), and Palmetto Brewery on May 19th (6pm). 

SCMG: How’s your tour going?

ST: Well, the tour has been great so far. We started in Philly and went all the way up to northern Maine to Caribou, which is near Canada. We made our way back down to Pennsylvania and will work our way down to Georgia. It’s been a little cold, so we are looking forward to coming down to where it’s warmer.

SCMG: What has been your favorite destination so far?

ST: On this tour? Well, I was excited to come to Vermont because that was my 46th state. I was excited to add it to the list. It’s very beautiful up there and a fun stop to add to the tour. We were in the Green Mountain, which was nice.

(We talked about the rolling hills in Vermont, which are absolutely stunning if you have never been. It’s a trip everyone should make for the views)

SCMG: We saw on your website that you have been onstage with David Duchovny in Germany? What was that like for such a huge fan of the X-Files star? How would you rate his music?

ST: Actually, he was better than I thought he was going to be. (laughing) He’s got a very talented band, so of course they sounded really good. He’s a very sweet guy. I was lucky to meet him. It was a sort of unexpected and fun thing. The audience was wonderful and appreciative also. I think I made a lot of new fans. Here is a funny story. I live in Germany and play a lot around there,  and I ran into this one lady who said, “I want to come to your show but I don’t know who that other guy is,” which just made me laugh.

(She’s more popular than David Duchovny – for at least one fan!)

SCMG: When was your first time touring in the US?

ST: My very first was in 2008, for Lollapalooza. I’ve done short tours on east coast, which of course inspired me to come and do more tours. We did 37 states over a year and a half in 2011-2012. Sweden is a very small country and only 9-10 million live there. It’s different to come here, especially on the east coast with all of the big cities. It’s easy to tour on the east coast also, because you don’t have to drive so far. You  get to see so many places, and see different sides of america that most don’t get to see. When you visit a place like Wyoming, it’s pretty open with long drives between shows.

SCMG: We understand you wrote an album and a book about your experiences! Where can we find them, and what can you tell us about life on the road?

ST: The book, Drivin & Dreaming, is “print on demand” and available on Amazon. I only printed a few limited editions of the hard cover. The Amazon version is paperback and will be a little cheaper than the coffee table version in hardback. You can also find my album, Big Sky Country, on Amazon.

(You can purchase it here. The cd is available here.)

SCMG: Have you played in Charleston before?

ST: Yeah, I think I did in 2012, but I didn’t get to see anything the first time. Hoping to this time around. We didn’t have a lot of time to spend in the city.

SCMG: What can we expect during your show?

ST: I’m traveling with my husband who is doing my sound, but I try to be the “one woman band”. I play guitar, do percussion and sing. He does some effects, so it’s a little more than just a woman with a guitar. I just hope that people that come will have a good time. I’ll be telling stories from the road, so people can get to know me a little bit. 

SCMG: I love your voice. You are very talented, and I am excited to see your shows here. You’ll be playing at Awendaw Green, which is a lovely little venue. You should expect a huge crowd there of eager listeners. Also, Palmetto Brewery has a nice listening area which should also draw a good crowd. Are you excited about the shows?

ST: Oh definitely. I did hear some about Awendaw Green. It seems like a good venue. It’ll be nice to play there. Both venues sound nice!

SCMG: You’ll be in the area for a few days. Do you plan to tour the city?

ST: I hope to! Actually, when I was there the first time, we had a pretty big RV. It was hard to navigate the city. Our Winnebago this time is a little smaller.  My husband and I hope to get to see Charleston and experience the area. My husband is eager to try the local beer at Palmetto Brewery. (laughing)

SCMG: That’s awesome. Thank you for your time today. We can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks. Take care out there on the road!

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