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Get To Know – The Shelby Raye Band

SCMG – Who are the members of your band?

SR -Myself (Shelby Raye) – Lead Singer, my sister, Ashleigh Reeves – Backup Vocals, Max Lorick – Bass, Shayla Hunt – Lead Guitar, and James Gates – Drums.

SCMG – What genre do you consider yourself?

SR -I don’t like putting music or myself in a box. So much of what you hear is relative to the listener… but – I consider my style country with hints of rock and soul.

SCMG – What was your biggest accomplishment in 2017?

SR – Definitely would have been releasing my first single, “Guys Don’t Get It”

SCMG – What are your plans for 2018?

SR -I will be touring with The Blue Pickups, releasing an EP and marketing that very hard to mainstream radio. I am about to sign a development deal with BP Management and we plan on label-shopping asap.

SCMG – Where and when can we find you?

SR – I am on every major social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ReverbNation, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and of course my website:

SCMG – Who would you consider your biggest local influence?

SR – I first stepped on a professional show stage with J Edwards. He helped me step out of the box of perfection I had built for myself and learn how to trust my instincts as an artist. I also write with J and his daughter Cricket every time we go to Nashville. I guess that’s where some of the soul you hear in my voice might have come from considering he’s a blues artist at heart. Eric Causey was my first vocal coach. I will forever be grateful to him for everything he has taught me.

SCMG – What would they say about you?

I think they would say that I’m doing this music thing right. That I truly enjoy performing and making others connect with my music and that my passion shows through in my performances

SCMG – Who would you like to work with but haven’t yet had the chance?

I would die to write with Ashley McBryde

SCMG – What are your favorite albums of all time from any musician?

Brett Young’s self titled album

Severi by Emily King’

Spirit by Amos Lee

Jalopies and Expensive Guitars by Ashley McBryde

Hero by Maren Morris

and Unorthodox Jukebox by Bruno Mars


SCMG – If you could meet any of your favorite musicians, who would you choose and why?

Nick Jonas – I’d like to talk with him and get advice on managing Type 1 Diabetes and the stage

Also – Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris – two of my biggest inspirations

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