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Getting into the Spirit of Holiday Giving with Music

Ahhhh…tis the season for holiday cheer and good will towards your fellow man.  If you are in the giving spirit, maybe you can slip by New Brookland Tavern on Thursday, December 12th.  Justin Sims, from Sims Music, is gathering up some friends to bring together a Christmas Bash full of music and merriment.

Along with sponsors Archer Avenue studios and Freeway Music, Sims is putting on the first annual Christmas Jam where proceeds will go towards Toys for Tots. This event will feature Jeremy Sakovich, The Sea Wolf Mutiny, The Casual Kings and a special one time performance from Django Bells.  According to Sims, Django Bells features Justin Sims, Jerry Sims, Don Russo, James Gibson, Doug  Graham and Joelle Kittrell.  They describe it as Gypsy Jazz Christmas.

So, if you want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside from the idea of helping someone (and not just the egg-nog) have a nice Christmas, stop by New Brookland around 9:00 Thursday night and enjoy some great music.  Happy Holidays Everyone!

Show starts at 9:00 with the artists in the following order.
Jeremy Sakovich
Django Bells
The Sea Wolf Mutiny

The Casual Kings


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