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Get To Know – Rene Russell

SCMG – Who are the members of your band?

Rene:  Currently I am performing solo. I’m in the process of putting together a “Power Trio,” which would include Chris Blackwell on Drums. We’re looking for a 5 String Bass player right now.

SCMG – What genre do you consider yourself?

Rene:  Americana/Rock/Singer-Songwriter

SCMG – What was your biggest accomplishment in 2017?

Rene:  I was chosen out several hundred applicants to perform at the show at the Charleston Music Hall on 10/18/17- here’s the link to that performance-

SCMG – What are your plans for 2018?

Rene:  Releasing a new Single, “I Wonder, Do You?”  on 4/23/18 and will start shooting the video for it in early Feb. We are working with Artist Formula & Symphonic Distribution to market the single and the video. This Single was Mixed & Mastered by Chris Blackwell. He also played drums, bass, and sang backing vocals.

Chris and I will  be working on 2 more singles to release over the next few months, and our first show as a “Trio” is scheduled for April 26th at Morgan Creek Grill. We’ll be showcasing my originals. This year we will be working to secure slots in key venues & festivals/fairs locally and regionally both as a solo and as a three piece band.

SCMG – Where and when can we find you?

Rene:  Go to my Website:, for all the links to my social networks.  You can also sign up to track me on & from my website.

SCMG – Who would you consider your biggest local influence?

Rene;  Tim Styles, an awesome singer-songwriter and musician.

SCMG – What would they say about you?

Rene:  Every time he sees me play, he says he forgets about how unique my right hand playing style is.

SCMG – What are your favorite albums of all time from any musician?

Rene:  Fleetwood Mac- Rumours,  Janis Ian- Between the Lines, all of James Taylor, Nanci Griffith- One Fair Summer Evening, Eurythmics-Touch, Santana-Abraxas, Indigo Girls-self titled-1989 & 1200 curfews, Tracy Chapman.

SCMG – If you could meet any of your favorite musicians, who would you choose and why?

Rene;  Stevie Nicks, she is my biggest inspiration after James Taylor. Her songwriting style and subject matter resonate with me.

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