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Goth Music Is Alive And Well In Myrtle Beach

Moving to Myrtle Beach after a 20 year stint in Nashville, TN (Music City USA) is definitely a culture shift.  My first exposure to live music in Myrtle Beach was a guy singing Jimmy Buffett covers and making balloon animals for the kids in between breaks.  Luckily, after a bit of digging, I found a great psychedelic/shoe gazey/local band right in my neighborhood.

The Harvest formed in 2014 as a psychedelic surf rock band influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Tame Impala, The Cure, Band Of Horses, Modest Mouse and Joy Division, among others.  Longtime best friends Grant Nesmith and Cole Rateliff played in a Beatles cover band in middle school called The Bones.  After guitarist and vocalist Grant Nesmith moved back to South Carolina from New York City, he and Cole, along with Bruce James and their friend Grey Singleton, started playing music together.  Playing largely in the Myrtle Beach area, but also venturing to Asheville, North Carolina and Georgia, The Harvest performed great originals such as “Stacks”, an ode to the ever present American Flag bikini and the lazy lifestyle some tend to adopt here at the beach, and “The Light” which would sound right at home on the latest Cage The Elephant album.  Their live sets usually include covers from Tame Impala, The Cure and even Mazzy Star.

After hearing about a Christian band called The Harvest, and losing Grey Singleton to collegiate pursuits, the band reformed as Ocean Forest.  Grant said that the name Ocean Forest was inspired by the section of Myrtle Beach where all of the band members grew up and it compliments their shoegaze, dream pop, surf rock sound.  Now a 3 piece band with Grant on vocals and guitars, Bruce James on Bass and vocals and Cole Rateliff on drums and vocals, their sound is tighter and more bass oriented.  You can currently find their music on Spotify, including an EP that will be released in the coming weeks on cassette and digital download, as well as their 2015 EP “In The Sun”.  Additionally, Ocean Forest is recording a full length album with Brian McKenzie producing, which will be out sometime this summer.  Grant was kind enough to let me preview two new songs, “Homie” featuring a great bass line and chorus, and “The Basement”, which is short and sweet, clocking in at 2:07, which would segue fabulously with The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.”  Grant told me that their echoey sound is aided by his DigiDelay pedal for the shorter delays and his Fender VM Deluxe amp has a built in delay for the longer spaced out delays.

The live debut of Ocean Forest is Friday, February 17th at Bourbon Street, 5307 N. Kings Hwy in Myrtle Beach starting at 10pm, which sounds like the perfect way to kick off the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend.  In the meantime, check out @Oceanforestmb on Facebook, Spotify, You Tube and you can follow @ocean.forest on Instagram.

Article submitted by Angie Dorin. Angie Dorin moved to Myrtle Beach after a 20 year stint in Nashville, trying to avoid country music. Considered a cat enthusiast (not a crazy cat lady), she has hosted the Cat Beast Party nationally syndicated radio show for 9 years, playing the best in surf, punk, garage and power pop with some cheesy goodness.  ​

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