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Great Peacock Glides Into Charleston

When you see a peacock spread it’s tailfeathers,  you stop and take it in. The same can be said for the first time you hear the band that is just as colorful and charismatic as the animal it’s named for: Great Peacock. Great Peacock is made up of four fellas from Nashville who use elements from classic rock, country, folk and Americana music to create a sound that can appeal to generations young and old. Their recently released sophomore album Gran Pavo Real is a bold step in the right direction for the band, which formed on a drunken whim in 2013. Andrew Nelson, lead singer, took a few moments to discuss the bands inspirations, music, and future with Jacob Boland of SC Music Guide. 
1. How did you guys find each other and form Great Peacock?
Blount and I met 12 years ago via his brother. Been best friends since the night we met. Luckily, we found out we sing well together. Nick’s been with us since pretty early on. We saw him play with another act in Atlanta and asked him to join our band. We’ve known Frank for years through our old label This is American Music. He stepped in after our old bassist left the group a little over a year ago. I think this lineup is the tightest lineup we’ve ever had. Being onstage is more fun than its ever been before. 
2. What’s the story/inspiration behind the name Great Peacock?
Drunkenness and sarcasm. We were drunk on bushwhackers and figured we’d start a folk/rock group that had a two word name with an animal in it. Thankfully, it’s been an easy name for folks to remember. 
3. How would your describe your sound in one sentence to someone who hasn’t been lucky enough to hear y’alls music?
Thoughtful entertainment that strives to be melodic and rhythmic. 
4. Gran Pavo Real is the latest record and, to be frank, it’s a damn good one. Tell me a little about what went into making y’alls second album and what seperates it from y’alls first one.
This new album was recorded very fast and mostly live. We cut 90% of each song, meaning the bass, drums, Keys, guitars, and 90% of my vocals as a band over two days. We only tracked each song as a band 2-3 Times. We knew we had it and there was no sense in going for something that wasn’t there already. We had two people on the album playing with us that we’d never played with before we started tracking, which I think gave it a sense of newness and excitement. We were lucky enough to have Tom Blankenship on bass and Ralph Lofton on keys. Also, we couldn’t have tracked so fast without the incredible engineering skills of Joe Costa. 
The first album is something I consider to be a great achievement. I love it. I love where I was musically at the time. There’s a certain creativity I had then that I’m fearful of losing. It was not as fun to make though. It was definitely piecemealed. That being said, everyone that played on it and worked on it did an amazing job. Especially, the producer/instrumentalist Dan Fernandez. 
5. Who are some musicians and bands that influence Great Peacock?
Mostly stuff we grew up on whether it be our parents’ Classic Rock or the indie rock we love from the late 90’s/early 00’s. Also, for me any sort of sonic idea that evokes a feeling. So a lot of the time it isn’t a certain band as it a certain sound from an era. Even though we don’t sound like it all of us really early 90’s Country. 
6. What does the future, short and long term, hold for Great Peacock?
Hopefully the kind of success that ensures that we get to keep doing this and not have to stress about day-to-day living expenses. And, most importantly that we don’t lose our desire or enjoyment for it and those that want us to do it. I can’t predict the future. All I can do is work my ass off and hope. (Nelson, 2018)

Great Peacock will be making a stop in Charleston on June 28th, playing The Windjammer on The Isle of Palms with JJ Grey and Mofro. If you’re in town, be sure to stop by and come in ready to shake a tailfeather. Tickets and information on that show and the rest of Great Peacocks tour can be found here

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