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Inside Dylan Swinson’s Latest Album – Prove Em Wrong Kid

Dylan Swinson, a native of Charleston, recently released a new EP called “Prove Em Wrong Kid”, and has begun touring to promote his latest creation. We had a chance to sit down and talk with Swinson about his album, and where he plans to go from here.

SCMG – Hi Dylan! It’s good to see you.

DS – It’s good to see you.

SCMG – Tell us about your new album that you just released!

DS – Well, the 2nd EP is called “Prove Em Wrong Kid”, and is definitely a major improvement in production value, as I worked with Thomas O’Brien and Chris Viera at Audio Labs with Hybrid Audio Solutions over in West Ashley. It’s a lot more upbeat and guitar driven than the last one, a little more electric. I’d say it’s a little more “poppy”. When we started recording the EP, we did each song individually. We’d release them as they came out last year. Then, we decided, as everyone was very busy, that we’d re-release them all with an additional new song as an EP. As I looked at the new collection, I realized that each song was connected, whether it is being yourself alone in the world, or going after something you have no chance of doing. Or, leading your own path where others have influenced you. I believe the title is a good overall statement about what these songs are about.

SCMG – I believe you’re right, and that’s true for a lot of people. You know, when you’re fighting personal battles and trying to make it. Sometimes, people aren’t always supportive. So, how did you get connected with Hybrid Audio Solutions?

DS – It was four or five months after I’d released “Freedom and Solitude”, which was more of a home studio sort of thing. In November or December, the Windjammer was doing an open mic. Believe me, when you find out there is an open mic at the Windjammer? You GO. You have to go. Especially if you’re just starting out and trying to get out there. I went a couple of times, and the second time I went to the Windjammer is when I met Thomas O’Brien, who is also the drummer for a band called Tricknee. He works at the studio, Hybrid Audio Solutions. Scottie Frier from the Travelin’ Kine was also there. He’s a very good friend of mine. I go on stage with my loop pedal and play two covers and two originals. As soon as I was done, Thomas rushes to the stage and goes, “Dude, I have to do something with you.” He then invites me to the studio. I was starting to get my own gigs and earning some money, so I knew that eventually I could invest in an EP. Initially, I wanted to do a six song EP, but we decided to go one song at a time. The reception has been incredible. We’ve been picked up by 105.5 The Bridge and Pandora. We are looking forward to even bigger things as we move forward.

SCMG – How long of a process was this? How long did it take you to come out with this?

DS – Well, it’s been several years in the making. The latest song, Confessions of Wannabe Dream Brother, was written just 4 months before recording. One of the other songs was written 7 years before! The writing process for each song varies, but the recording process probably took thirteen months.

SCMG – How’s the reception been so far?

DS – The reception has been overwhelmingly pleasing. An esteemed colleague that I met through college referred to Confessions of a Wannabe Dream Brother as “absolutely phenomenal”. Most of the comments from my peers have been very positive.

SCMG – What would you like to see happen next?

DS – Later this year, I’ll be touring through North Carolina and Georgia. I’ve been able to play in Atlanta, Bluffton, Savannah and other places, but I’d like to do more in our region. I’m already beginning to work on the next album, which should be more emotional and deep. I want to keep the same qualities that keep my work familiar, while also trying to explore more lyrically.

SCMG – Where can people find you now?

DS – I’ve been playing at the new JohnKing Grill downtown on Sunday nights, but I’m playing all over town. You can check my website for tour updates.

SCMG – Perfect! It was great talking with you, Dylan! We’ll see you soon!

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