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Interview with Kryz Reid of Third Eye Blind

Photo credit – Danny Nolan

Third Eye Blind is on their Fall of the Summer Gods Tour and will be making three stops in South Carolina during the month of October. As their fans know, they’ve been making music for decades and have amassed a cult following of super fans who will be flocking to their shows. The band, just off from European stops on their tour, is promoting a new concept with a limited edition 36-page book, accompanied by their first ever live album. With only 1500 copies available, the collector’s fantasy for 3EB super fans is a once in a lifetime event!

We had a chance to speak with guitarist Kryz Reid, who has rocked shows with Third Eye Blind for 8 years now. The dazzling Irish superstar was a charming and easy going lad with a lot to say about how he came into the band, and where the band is headed.

SCMG: Please tell us about how you found yourself with 3EB.

KR: Basically, I have been a fan since I was 16 in Ireland. I met Brad (drummer) through a guy at a restaurant where I was working as a chef that went to school with him. I would come over to Los Angeles and play guitar with them, just jam. A couple of years later, Brad said he was looking for a guitar player. I didn’t even know about 3EB, so they weren’t known to me. He basically called me up, and said. “Can you learn 90 minutes of music?” He sent me a set list, and I did it! I flew to Hawaii and met Abe (old bassist) at the elevator at the hotel. “Hey! You must be the new guitar player!” Yeah! We did maybe two, maybe three rehearsals, and then we did the show. After the show, they said “You got the gig.”


SCMG: Dopamine and We Are Drugs are your latest releases. What can you tell us about those?

KR: Stephan was actually saying Dopamine would be the last studio album. This is the last pre-packaged album worked with producers Jason Lader and Andrew Dawson. Now, we are putting them out in little clusters with live EPs. For instance, we recorded in Germany and Malibu just before going to Europe, so we are heading back to the studio soon in NY for completion. We don’t anticipate doing any more full length studio recordings but will concentrate on doing shorter EP releases with live recordings in the future.


SCMG: The riffs are catchy and Stephan has a true penchant  for relatability with his lyrics. The added keyboard is also a great addition. How and when did you decide to incorporate keys and piano into your sound?

KR: With Dopamine, we were really a different band, because with a different bass player (two, actually), and the guy we have now. In the beginning, we didn’t have keyboard player. It took 5 years to make the album. We first recorded in London, just Stephan, Brad and me. We met Alex later, and it just worked.

SCMG: Tell us a bit about yourself and the influences that helped form your personal career.

KR: For me, I grew up on Prince. I was entirely obsessed until I was 15 or 16. Like, I was 9 years old playing Erotic City constantly, which my dad was just thrilled about. Hahaha/ I thought, “This is the greatest thing that has ever existed!” Holy shit, he’s got a whole bunch of shit! Back in Ireland, his albums weren’t always available. I’d save all my pocket money to buy them while on holiday. I’d listen to those mother fuckers over and over again, every inch. One day, I went to a friend’s house, and I didn’t know you could even buy an electric guitar. “What the fuck, you can buy one of those?”

My parents surprised me for Christmas one day and gave me my first guitar. I’d teach my brother fuckin’ guitar, and he’d teach me drums. We’d spend time at my parents house and jam.

SCMG: You’re touring through 3 stops in South Carolina, which is fantastic for us. Do you have anything you’d like to say to your SC fans?

KR: It’s amazing how many fans we have there. We go where the fans are, so we are excited to be there.


Thanks so much for your time, Kryz! SC is looking forward to seeing you soon.

Tour dates for South Carolina fans are:

October 21 – Charleston – Volvo Car Stadium

October 22 – Simpsonville – Heritage Park

October 27 – Columbia – Music Farm

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