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Jerry Jacobs and Haley Mae Campbell Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

On November 24th at the Windjammer. I tasted a PB&J for the first time, or should I say I experienced a Carolina duo that has never been so perfect. Both South Carolina natives Jerry Jacobs with the help of Haley Mae Campbell took the stage together in a perfectly swirled duo that I only hope to see more of. Campbell took the stage to give another fantastic performance as always. She has been hard at work in Nashville working on her newest album. The hard work and dedication shows, because Haley has never sounded more polished and at ease on stage. We all look forward to that new album.

I understand that this takes some time in the music industry but if you asked me I think she is ready to be the headliner and knock all our cowboy boots off. The only regret of this performance is that I wish we had more Haley.

Now on to Jerry Jacobs. I personally had never heard a song from or about Jerry Jacobs, forgive me I am from the Midwest, and I love his sound. That Carolina homegrown country rock makes want to do to more than just tap your toes. Unlike a lot of new male country singers out there, he has managed to have a new age voice but addsin that mature country twang. His singing is definitely his selling point. I really hate to quote other people when I am trying to tell you what I like about them, but Whiskey Riff did say it the best: “It’s fresh and fun but still has a bit of twang to it.” I also wanted to ask though out the performance “Who hurt you Jerry Jacobs, who hurt you?” because the very mature lyric writing made it seem like he has lived a thousand lives.  Each one is a perfect little sad country song.

Overall the band rocked the house. He showed up to the Windjammer with the whole family, banjo and fiddle too.  He is currently promoting his debut album “Carolina Tonight”. Most of the songs performed that evening were from the upcoming album, so it was a great preview of what is to come. This show was not advertised as CD release party but it felt a little like it could have been. The band has a perfect blend of country and rock. Let me put it like this, you can throw as many kick as drum fills, bad ass guitar solos and hard rocking bass, but at the end that dirty dusty road you know you are still listen to country music.

Make sure you check of “Carolina Tonight”. It is already out on Spotify and is fantastic. We also look forward to Haley’s album, which we hope will drop in 2018. When it does we will make sure to let everyone know.

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