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Justin Osborne Gives Us a Quick Rehash of His Tour

Florence’s own Justin Osborne kicked off “The Puddin’ Swamp ’87 World Tour” in his home town at Apple Annie’s back in mid-August, a local owned deli by day pub by night. Apple Annie’s has been a big supporter of spotlighting local singer songwriters for many years. This evening had a great turn out for the frontman of SUSTO, a band based out of Charleston, SC on Hearts & Plugs label (one of many amazing bands in their arsenal). Along with BJ Barnham of American Aquarium, Justin played some acoustic and electric old classics, covers and some new songs off the yet to be titled album due out next year.

As his tour begins to wind down (September 29th is the last show), I had a chance to catch up with Justin and ask a few questions about the tour.


How’s the tour going so far with BJ Barham?
“It’s been really great.  For the most part all the audiences have been very respectful of the fact that I’m playing solo & have given me their attention. I love BJ’s new record so it’s been fun hearing it every night.”

What’s have been some of the highlights so far?
“I’m gonna say playing the Charleston Library Society has been the highlight for me. Partially because I got to sleep in my own bed after the show but also because how beautiful & unique the space is.”

What are your thoughts on this solo tour, vs. playing with the band.  For example, does it give you a chance to try out new material, etc?
“I definitely prefer playing/traveling with the band, lots of driving for one person. I also prefer the band’s sound to my solo sound, but it has been nice to throw in some different songs & use the soft nature of my guitar playing to showcase my voice a little. It’s fun to hear myself, so it has been going well, I guess, but I’m looking forward to reuniting with the band…my friends.”

What are your plans after this tour?
“I’ve got 5 days off, we’re going to be shooting a music video & also a video for our 6 part web series “SUSTO Stories” – besides that I’m going to hit the beach as many times as possible & try to enjoy Charleston, my lover & my friends as much as I can before the next tour starts.”

When can we expect to see the 2nd album out on shelves at stores?
“I’d say that if its not out before Valentine’s Day then something has gone terribly wrong, haha. But I can’t say the actual release day yet.”

For more information on Justin Osborne and SUSTO, check out their site for upcoming dates!  – SUSTO TOUR DATES


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