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Kathy Siokos – Our Music Community Cares

The Columbia area is no stranger to Kathy Siokos. If not by name, then by her love of music and her dedication over the years of exposing, and bringing to us the incredible talent of local musicians within our community.  As the owner of Utopia, Kathy’s vision years ago was to create a place where people could visit and enjoy music within a relaxed laid back ambiance.

Kathy and Utopia created memories for many over the years.  The name of her place, Utopia, speaks volumes as to the type of person she is.  Peace, love, and friendship to all she encounters.  I think it is safe to say that Kathy has one of the most giving and caring souls that one could know.   Kathy’s home has been open to those that needed a home, her restaurant provided a meal for those that needed food and certainly most importantly, she herself listened to our woes or laughed at our stories.

As many of you are aware, the Midlands this past weekend was struck with an unfathomable tragedy.  Insurmountable flood damage engulfed homes, roads, businesses and roadways. With a sad heart, Kathy, not home at the time, received a call that her home was completely submerged from area flooding.  Compounding matters, unfortunate events beyond Kathy’s control also closed the doors of the cherished establishment, Utopia, earlier this year.  What a year is an understatement.

Many friends since that time, have gathered to help and sort out the catastrophic damage that was left behind.  Kathy, being the brave woman that she is, has found a way to push forward, staying positive. She is currently in the process of filing appropriate paperwork for FEMA assistance and other relative agencies.  In light of the situation, the needs of the community at this time are great.  The process will be long and taxing.  Friends have already reached out, wanting to know how to help during this uncertain stressful time.  Some of which have volunteered to purchase tangible items to replace what was destroyed.  Others simply do not know how to help.

At a time in which it seems that everyone is asking for money, everywhere we go, it may seem a bit much.  However, for someone that has helped so many, I think it is the least we can do.

A monetary goal was set in hopes that this could help with some of the recovery costs in days to come.  If we get lucky and happen to go over the goal, I have a feeling that Kathy will utilize some of those funds to help others experiencing the same obstacles and challenges within our own community.

In closing, here is a link below to a newly established Go Fund Me page for flood recovery.

Kathy Siokos Flood Recovery

Here’s to hoping that we can pull together to help a friend that with all due respect needs us this time around.  Peace and love to you all.


This article was posted with permission from Pamela Williams.

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