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Moon Taxi Heads to the Music Farm in Charleston

Moon Taxi, a young band out of Nashville, is coming to the Music Farm in Charleston on Jan. 20th. They just dropped their 4th album on October 2, 2015. Titled Daybreaker, this release has driven the band’s popularity to its highest numbers. With stylized upbeat lyrics with catchy riffs, their latest songs expand beyond previous albums’ techno drives into a new direction. For the first time, the band worked with an outside producer, one who would prove to be one of the biggest assets to their music collection as of yet. Grammy Award winning producer, Jacquire King, was contacted through mutual friends and agreed to take on this young band, and with highly successful results. We had a chance to talk with Tommy Putnam (bassist) to find out more about Daybreaker and their recent tour.

Daybreaker Tour

SCMG – I’ve been listening to your new album, Daybreakers. It’s great! I love the joyful sounds and happiness it exudes. How long did it take to write and record? What was it like working with all the band members in studio at once?

TP – Well, it’s a constant writing process. As far as recording, it took 6 weeks, two weeks in main recording, two weeks in secondary, etc. We are always writing music.

SCMG – What can you tell me about working with Grammy Award winner Jacquire King and his style compared to other artists you have worked with? He’s fantastic, well established and has a lengthy resume with multiple awards. Were you a little nervous at first?

TP – He’s a very professional guy. We worked with Hank Sullivan …previously as a co-producer. Jacquire is the first very serious recording artist we’ve worked with. Top of the line guy. We were looking around for a producer, and our manager reached out. Someone knew him, and we set up a meeting. We all, the whole band, went to his studio and knew right away that we were going to work with him.

SCMG – Who does most of the writing for the albums? The lyrics on this album are really catchy. Great hooks. I can see why “All Day and All Night”, the leading track, has become so popular in festivals especially.

TP – Wes and Spencer do a lot, but all of us do some. The lyrics get a framework going, and then we all fill it out. That song is about persistence. You’re gonna do whatever it takes to get with this person or follow up on a goal. Stay up all night trying to get someone to go home with them. hahaha. I’m just kidding, but it’s all about persistence.

SCMG– I saw in previous interviews how Daybreaker was a way for you to talk about getting back home to your families. That must be a great feeling, and it shows in your music! I’m really curious about the lyrics in “Red Hot Lights”. That one seems really personal. Can you talk about that?

TP – There are a lot of elements that have that theme.Wes wrote the chorus, and he tried to give everyone a shot at the verse. Spencer just had a baby, and Wes got married, so that was there song.

“Red Hot Lights” – It started out that we thought it would be a good sports song, and how it’s about doing your best under pressure. Sometimes, that can happen with relationships too.

SCMG – You guys are playing a LOT of festivals! Which one are you most excited about?

TP– Hangout. I love playing Hangout. In terms of having a good time, for sure. Bonnaroo is huge, but Hangout is the best to me.

SCMG – You’re also getting a lot of play on TV, movies, etc. Do you have anything you’d like to share about that? How many shows now? Letterman? Anything coming up?

TP – We just played a National Football Championship party. Clemson fans were so nice to people. Loud, but everyone was very nice. I was so impressed by them.

SCMG – How has touring been going for you guys? It must be exhausting.

TP – We started back in November with the western half of the country. Now, we have moved on to the east, and yes it’s tiring. I’m tired today.

SCMG – Do you have any plans in the works for another album any time soon? Do you plan to do anything else in the vein of Cabaret? Your fan base has exploded over the past few years, right? They love it!

TP – Oh yeah. We haven’t started recording, but we have a lot to work to do on it. As soon as we get the time, we’re going to get after it. I don’t know. Right now, we are still focused on live shows. As soon as it makes sense, we’ll get on the next one.

SCMG – Typical last question, but is there anything you’d like to say to your fans in Charleston?

TP– Come on out! Get your asses out here! Let’s have a good time.



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