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New Music Confab 2016 Heads to Charleston

The Charleston Music Hall is hosting the 2nd Annual New Music Confab from August 25-27th and will see a procession of highly esteemed music professionals come through its doors. Panelists from around the country will converse on topics that will cover Social Media, How to Break a Record, how to make MONEY!, and much more. Seasoned musicians and industry leaders will speak at length about how to best navigate through what can sometimes seem like a catacomb of channels that will benefit your music career.

The confab is designed as a small and accessible event with attributes similar to South by Southwest (SXSW). Dave Stewart, founder of New Music Confab, says, “I wanted to host something that I would like to go to. I’m not fond of huge events, and the prices for SXSW are ridiculous. Tickets go for $600 each. The tickets for this event are much more reasonable, and you can go to all of the panels as well as the showcases.

With over 60 professional visiting from around the country, the Confab will be a one-of-a-kind opportunity for musicians. With happy hour mixers and 8 showcases with over 40 bands, musicians will be able to mingle and perform in front of industry executives that they would normally never have the chance to meet. “This is a great opportunity for anyone in the music industry,” says Stewart. “Over 3,000 bands applied for this year’s Confab. We had people from all around the world want to play here. There was even a band from Australia! This is a special opportunity that doesn’t happen often where bands, agents, record labels and other industry leaders will all be in the same place.”

Thursday night will kick off the Confab with registration and badge pickup and the first showcase. RCA Records is hosting a daily “Listening Party” for VIP members at the Charleston Music Farm. Local favorite Tyler Boone will hold his new CD Release party that evening and join other musicians for the first showcase that include Finnegan Bell, Glass Mansions, The Hollywood Kills, Rick Monroe, and Dark Water Rising.

Four venues are hosting showcases throughout the conference and will start as early as 7pm. If you are interested in the music business and aren’t attending the conference, you still have the opportunity to attend many fabulous shows over the weekend.

Click here for the New Music Confab Schedule

VIP tickets are limited and cover the entire event, including panels and showcases as well as daily happy hour mixers, for $75. Student tickets are only $50. A special luncheon titled “Change the Conversation” is planned for Saturday from 11:45-1:00pm. Participants will meet and hear from Leslie Framm, Beverly Keel, and Tracy Gershon to discuss all aspects of women in the music industry. The ladies have organized a group called “Change the Conversation” and have been making huge strides in Nashville’s circuits. Tickets for the luncheon are just $25.

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