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Paul Brazell – Leave What We Had Behind

Formerly with Columbia band Answer Me This (among others), singer-songwriter Paul Brazell makes his solo debut with the 5-song EP, “Leave What We Had Behind”. Deeply introspective and personal, the songs are mostly modern indie rock in the vein of Coldplay with themes focused on relationships.

Engineered by Kenny McWilliams at Archer Avenue Studios in Columbia, it is yet another example of their superlative output. The songs could easily be contemporary hits with the right exposure to mainstream audiences. Brazell’s softly melancholic voice is the driver here; his style of songwriting relies on changing dynamic gears with a light acoustic mood that over the course of the song develops into ascending layers of emotive indie rock, with a beautiful payoff at the end of each. A notable exception to this would be the song “Your Light”, which sticks with the easy feel of a dropped back acoustic rock piece throughout.

If Brazell can connect with the right audiences, he could easily be huge. His earnest confession in one song here, “I know that I was made for you/ And that your heart was made for me” might be prophetic in it’s own way. Hopefully, a full-length album might be all it takes to seal the deal for this promising artist.

Recommended if you like: Coldplay, Kings of Leon, John Mayer

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