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Carey Murdock – Shot in the Dark

When you first listen to Carey Murdock, there is an initial bit of surprise that makes you wonder how such a strong and developed voice comes out of such a fresh faced individual.  However, on the flipside, there is also something very cool about that dynamic as well.  Don’t let his looks fool you into thinking that he is boy band material.  Murdock is a mature artist, and his writing and vocal presence attest to this fact.  I like really, really like this EP.  Tracks one and two were produced by Rick Beato, and engineered by Ken “GL” Lanyon. These two have worked with SC bands Needtobreathe and Crowfield. Track three was produced by Carey’s keyboard player Nigel Lawrence, and engineered by his guitarist Steven Bryant.  On the first track, “Shot in the Dark”, Carey shows his creative ability to both lyrically and instrumentally weave his way through the song while simultaneously writing a catchy hook.  Upbeat and powerfully friendly, it starts out with a nice build in tempo and an immediately pleasing crescendo that lends itself to radio airplay.  The next track, “You’re Leaving Me”, is very well produced and effectively layered.  The song melody stays the course and remains patient while Carey puts his passion into the lyrics.  It is a nice nod to the current ballads that seem to be a constant on today’s charts.  Lastly, “Southbound on the Train” takes the listener on a jam-esque journey that is covered up in Blues and Southern Rock riffs.  While not totally original in it’s delivery, you get the feeling that it is a guilty pleasure song the band loves to play for the audience to close out the night.  Fun and to the point, it makes no excuses.

Overall, as stated earlier, I really enjoyed this EP.  I think Carey is doing an admirable job in introducing his music to the public in small doses with EP’s.  Rather than overload the listener with “filler” songs on full-length album, it seems he is taking his time and producing tracks that are well conceived.

The album is available on Itunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and Amazon.

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