• Thursday , 22 February 2018

Submit Your Media

If you would like to be considered for inclusion for both our Playlist and Video Gallery, please fill out the following form below.

SoundCloud Information
Please note that in order to submit tracks to the Playlist, you MUST have a SoundCloud Account.  We leverage SoundCloud technology to alleviate bandwidth issues.  If you do not have a SoundCloud Account, it is a very simple process.  Here is a link to help get you started.  Getting Started with SoundCloud

Once you have completed setting up your Account and uploading your tracks, send us a link to the song which you feel showcases your sound the best.  We will add it to our Playlist.
Note:  Please send only one track.  This way, all artists get a fair shot of getting their songs heard by the music community.

Youtube Video Information
Like SoundCloud, you must have your video(s) residing with Youtube.  It is a very simple process to setup an account and upload videos.  Here is a link to help get you started.
Getting Started with Youtube

Media Submission Form

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