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Zoe Child – Someplace Golden


Gentle sea breezes bring cool, salty air to touch your sun-kissed skin, warm from dancing and flocking in the sun trying to recreate your own little version of the “Summer of Love” right here in South Carolina. Much like ’67, there is much political turmoil today that makes you yearn for that nostalgic time when being free was being free and no one could take that away. Someplace Golden by Zoe Child takes me, to not sound repetitive, someplace golden.

This tasty little EP will make your mind at ease during the fast-paced summer months. With its upbeat, hip backbeats, the simple melodies with balanced harmonies focus on what is important: the rich vocals. Zoe has a strong yet easy-listening character to her voice. It’s not bubblegum and petite like all the manufactured pop artists nowadays- you get a soulful, mature sound that can only come from someone that has lived though the lyrics they are singing.

The heavy bass and the organ synth that brings up the rear in almost every track lays down the mood for the whole EP; a light background to a firm, steady foundation. When you take that into account alongside the lyrics of the songs you realize that it’s the message of love that is being conveyed (at least that is my interpretation). Love openly and freely but it must also be built on strong unmovable ground. And, unfortunately, that is only learned though getting hurt and losing at love… sometimes. Enjoy.

There really isn’t much else to be said that the album can’t say for itself. If you enjoy easy-listening music with a touch of southern California hippie rock then this is for you. The message is love and the music is golden. If you are a fan of Jenny Lewis, Neko Case and (dare I say) maybe even Janis Joplin you should go on and buy this one. I’m not very patient so I will eagerly await Zoe Child’s first full album with my ears to the wind and my heart to the ground.

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